Cattle are our business but our people make the difference.
Darr Feedlot
Darr Feedlot
Darr Feedlot
Darr Feedlot

About Us

Top of the line facility

  • 40,000-head feadlot capacity with pen sizes varying. Well maintained yards from 60-250 head.
  • Sandy, sloping and mounded pens provide excellent drainage and reduce the mud factor.
  • Well maintained pens allow maximum comfort and the best possible performance.
  • Fence-line feed bunks and continuous flow waterers provide a clean, safe water source and a wise use of space. 
  • Particular attention to detail from dedicated and highly qualified personnel provide the individual attention needed for Pen riders to keep watch over your performance
  • Personalized programs tailored to fit each customer's needs through the utilization of cattle, grass and feedstuffs.
  • Feedback to producer to discuss performance and marketing helps improve total profitability.
  • Proven record results in predictable performance, repeat business and most important, satisfied customers.


  • Owned by local cattlemen with years of cattle-feeding experience who understand the region and cattle.
  • Experienced personnel are highly trained and knowledgeable and continue to learn and improve new methods.
  • Predictable performance and consistent results have led to customer satisfaction, repeat customers and new business.

Animal Health

  • Preventative programs performed on arrival help to limit sickness and lower mortality.
  • Modern and clean working facilities provide safe, efficient handling of cattle.  Animal health is high priority.
  • Computerized record keeping provides individual animal records.
  • Experienced pen riders review cattle throughout the day.
  • Consulting veterinarian works with the feedlot and customer to help insure a successful program.
  • Member of Beef Quality Assurance Program assures that proper medications are administered and withdrawal dates are met.


  • Main feed ingredients are high moisture corn, wet corn distillers, dry rolled corn, silage and alfalfa hay.
  • Ration adjustments are made as weather changes occur.
  • Mill and bunk reading are computerized for accurate and complete records.
  • Sampling is conducted on ingredients and rations for consistency.
  • Utilizing proven and predictable feed additives for optimum growth and conversion.
  • Nutritionist is available weekly to formulate rations and monitor feeding performance.

Complete records

  • Cattle projections are completed on each pen of cattle to allow the customer to plan his marketing.
  • Feed bills inform customers of feed and medicine charges twice a month.
  • Performance analysis details weights, feeding performance and a profit or loss statement.
  • Carcass data available on individual pen basis.

Other features and benefits

  • Specialists in calf feeding
  • Cattle and feed financing
  • Summer and winter grazing programs
  • Carcass data collection
  • Forward contracting of feed
  • Merchandising of customer's feedstuffs
  • Transportation assistance
  • Cattle insured against accidental death

Marketing Programs

  • Selling finished cattle
  • Assistance with risk management
  • Forward contracting
  • Value-based marketing of cattle
  • Locating feeder cattle
  • Partnering on cattle